Federation of European Microbiological Societies

Branding under the microscope

FEMS is a federation of microbiological societies in Europe. The federation hosts a bi-annual congress and publishes five microbiology journals to help share scientific knowledge among microbiologists worldwide.

Sharing the client's microscopic attention to detail, we were able to pitch successfully to FEMS to refresh both their corporate branding and the branding of their five individual journals.

We worked in partnership with Oxford University Press, delivering a wide range of materials as part of the branding project. These deliverables, some of which are shown below, included a brand guidelines document, stationery sets, pop-up banners, journal covers, infographics, exhibition stands, posters, postcards, adverts and branded Powerpoint templates.

The FEMS colour palettes were inspired by a selection of Mark Rothko paintings. His expressionistic 'fields of colour' works provided a scientifically based spectrum for each of the Journals. Fittingly, the artist's daughter is a physician, specialising in clinical pathology.

Take a look at some of our work below.

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FEMS signs FEMS stationary FEMS cover design FEMS digital design

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