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So you've begun your search for a web design agency based in Kensington. Here at Totem we design websites that give our clients an effective online presence, and therefore maximum brand visibility. Our expert web designers and developers will help your business to deliver it's message online. Digital designs that light up the online space.

In terms of scoring top marks with search engines (the crucial keywords for us are of course web design Kensington), you'll want an agency that can balance search with style. We advise clients about using fresh relevant content, and to facilitate this we provide a website specific copywriting service. The results when combined with thoughtful design and effortless navigation, are epic. A website design that's attractive in every sense of the word.

It is said that web design is all about form versus function. But truth be told, the two don't have to compete, they should work together for the greater good. By marrying style with substance, we achieve are both visually dazzling and user friendly results. We recommend ‘responsive' website designs to our clients, to allow their content to be perfectly displayed on smart phones, tablets and other devices.

But of course it's no use having a beautiful, stylish website if nobody can ever see it. That's why we always take search engine optimisation into consideration before even setting pen to paper. Ok, true, nobody uses pen and paper any more. All the more reason to start making the most of your online presence, to rise above the competition.

Totem can offer a full range of expert digital solutions. We are well versed in website design, Wordpress design, online banner adverts, email marketing templates, e-flyers and interactive PDFs. We can also provide you with digital assets perfect for use across the various social media platforms. So rest assured if you see it on a computer screen, we can design it.

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Digital designs that light up the online space.
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