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Welcome to Totem, the Kensington branding agency who can help your business take control of it's brand identity. With over a decade of branding experience under our belts, we are confident we can grow your brand to the next level.

Ready for a fresh start, a brand new you? Whether you simply need your company logo refreshed, or you need a complete branding overhaul, your search for 'branding agency Kensington' has landed you on our doorstep. Working together we will help your organisation, your clients, and your brand, to develop and nourish a fruitful relationship. Put simply, branding your business, is our business.

Need a logo that speaks volumes to your customers? In creating smart, stylish and unique logo concepts, Totem can help give your company or product the brand new start it needs. And speaking of starts, it's vital that your logo creates a positive association right from the get go. You don't just want customers to notice your logo, you want them to remember it - to associate it with a certain quality of product or service.

We will smoothly roll out your new branding across everything from your corporate stationery, annual reports to marketing materials and of course your online presence. You will have the expert guidance of our Kensington branding agency by your side throughout the process.

Whatever your requirements, we'll take care to get your branding project just right from start to finish. From the initial concept stage to the unveiling of high resolution, print-ready artwork. We'll tweak fonts, sharpen colours and adjust styles to ensure you get the branding that perfectly encapsulates your company's personality. We can help your business to find it's meaning.

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