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We are an Kensington advertising agency that can inspire your next ad campaign. Reach out to Totem Studios for all your advertising needs. Whether it's a half page newspaper advert or a 12 metre wide billboard poster, the two goals of advertising remain the same: Turn heads, and turn prospects into customers. Your search for a full service advertising agency located here in Kensington could well be over!

Unsure how to deliver your message to your customers? At Totem, we know how to deliver your advertising message with maximum impact on both fronts - creatively persuading potential customers to buy into your brand. You found us by searching online for 'Advertising agency Kensington', now let us help your potential customers to discover you. We can help you with copy straplines, flyers, posters and pop-up banners or even a double decker bus wrap. Our Creative Director has almost a decade of experience working for a top London advertising agency, so rest assured you're in safe, capable hands

Need that spark of creativity to bring your advertising to life? However vast the project, however 'out there' the format, we're not phased. We have already seen our posters take to the streets of New York, and wrapped a London bus with our designs. You won't shock us - but we might just surprise you.

More than just an Kensington advertising agency, we pride ourselves in offering our clients a full spectrum of creative services. In short, we're ideally positioned to deliver the highest calabre advertising services, to help sell your company's product or service. We can help you to tell your story.

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