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If every great piece of great graphic design tells a story, then every narrator of that story should have a few chronicles too. It's chapter two of our story so far. We started out in 2007 when Creative Director Jonathan White, having worked in design agencies in Cambridge, London, Sydney and Oxford set up jwcreate.

Since then we have built up a loyal client base through word of mouth and frequent repeat business. We deliver total creative solutions to a wide range of clients in the arts, business to business, finance, education, leisure and publishing industries.

Fast-forward to 2013 and we've now evolved into Totem Studios – a natural progression, underlining the growth of the agency. We see Totem as an early, primitive form of branding and an emblem that reflects our ethos. You see, as much as we appreciate the digital age, the fundamental principles of design remain unchanged. Whether that's a chalk hand painted on a cave wall or a cutting edge print and digital campaign.

The striking photographs above and below show 'Grand Prismatic Lake' in Yellowstone National Park, located in Wyoming USA. In neighboring Utah, Monument Valley features many amazing rock formations, including the famous 'Totem Pole', and its this impressive spire that was the inspiration for our new 't' branding.

Our graphic design ethos

The Totem Studios identity was inspired by cave paintings seen during Jon's travels to America and Australia. Such rock art was used to record events and tell stories in a simple yet effective manner, communicating messages across geographical and cultural boundaries. Representations of the human hand were created on the walls of caves either by spraying around the hand, or by applying pigment to the hand then transferring this to the rock. Drawing inspiration from these early cave paintings:

'Our graphic design ethos is to create simple yet striking work. We believe that good design should always tell a story.'

Thinking green

Totem are committed to being 'green'. Carbon footprint management is becoming a huge issue for all of us working in the design and print industry, so we recommend our clients use paper sourced from well managed forests (FSC) and biodegradable inks wherever possible. Please consider the environment before printing any content from this website.

Join our design team

Are you a talented creative with lashings of enthusiasm and ambition?

If you've stumbled across our portfolio pages, we'd like to think you'll have noticed the quality of the design work we produce here at Totem Studios. Naturally, to keep the quality of our work high, we only hire people brimming with innovative ideas and overflowing with originality.

We don't currently have any job vacancies available, but we are always keen to review portfolios, and to hear from talented creative and marketing types. Experience of working in branding, publishing or the cultural arts sector would be advantageous.

Totem Studios is a full service graphic design agency based in Kensington, with a list of fantastic clients that include Oxford University Press, Arts Educational Schools London, MAC Birmingham, Opus Energy and the University of Oxford. If you're looking for a new challenge in your career, and you think you can bring exciting new ideas to our prestigious clients, we'd like to hear from you...

Simply email your CV and a sample design portfolio to: info@totem-studios.co.uk

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